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The Real Planned Parenthood: Platonic Parenting
4 Key Elements Of a Small Business Owner’s Estate Plan
Suze Orman Says This Is the Age You Should Retire—Not a Month or Year Before (and Here’s What She Misses)
From Billions to Bust: How the Stroh Family Fortune Was Lost
4 Warning Signs Your Elderly Relative May Be the Victim of Financial Abuse
The Top Stressors of Business Ownership and How to Manage Them (Without Freaking Out)
What to Expect From (and How to Prepare For) an Initial Estate Planning Meeting With Your Personal Family Lawyer.
5 Tips for Securing and Protecting Your Clients’ Data
5 Common Estate Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
What Will the New Tax Law Mean for Your Business?
Same-Gender Couples Still Face Legal Challenges Over Parental Rights—But Protections Via Estate Planning (Outside of Adoption) Are Available
How Will The New Tax Law Effect Your Family
4 Intellectual Property Myths Business Owners Should Be Aware Of
Common Estate Planning Issues You Must Navigate When Contemplating a Second (or More) Marriage
4 Vital Legal Agreements All Startups Should Have in Place
Estate Planning Best Practices Gleaned From Famous Celebrity Deaths
5 Types of Insurance Every Business Should Have in Place
Choosing the Right Life Insurance Policy
4 Reasons Why an Entrepreneurial Retreat is Just What You Need Right Now
Estate Planning Tips for Ensuring Your Pets Are Properly Cared For
What Business Owners Should Know About Non-Compete Agreements
3 Key Benefits of Conscious Uncoupling
The Pros and Cons of Hiring Independent Contractors
Wellness Programs Boost Employee Health and Happiness—and Your Bottom Line
5 Essential Tips for Starting Your Own Business
How and When to Talk to Your Children About Money
Think Your Corporation or LLC Totally Protects You From Personal Liability? Think Again
The Key Differences Between Wills and Trusts
Estate Planning Mistakes Seniors (Including You or Your Parents) Can’t Afford To Make
4 Things You Need to Know About Business Succession Planning
6 Steps to Select and Name the Right Guardians for Your Children (Part 1)
The Ins and Outs of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for Small Business Owners
6 Steps to Select and Name the Right Guardians for Your Children–Part 2
Protect Your Intellectual Property With Copyrights
3 Steps to Avoid Getting Taxed or Sued for Misclassifying Your Independent Contractors
I Don’t Have Kids, So Why Do I Need Estate Planning? Part 1
5 Steps for Defusing Workplace Drama and Managing Staff Conflict
I Don’t Have Kids, So Why Do I Need Estate Planning? Part 2
Ensure The Security Of Your Senior Parents’ Identity and Financial Assets
Facing Grief After the Death of a Loved One Can Be the Key to a Life of Health and Wholeness
The GDPR—What It Is, Who It Impacts, and How to Comply
Safeguard Your Cryptocurrency Assets With Estate Planning
Commit to Your Estate Plan Before Committing to a Trip Away
What You Should Know About Guardianship In Case A Parent Or Loved One Becomes Incapacitated
Tips For Increasing A Small Business’ Online Presence
Squabbles Between Alan Thicke’s Heirs Highlight The Importance Of Properly Drafted And Updated Estate Planning
3 Critical But Often-Overlooked Metrics Businesses Should Track
How to Deduct $5,250 of Your Adult Child’s College Tuition as a Business Expense
What Business Owners Should Know About Running Pre-Employment Credit Checks
Create a Special Needs Trust to Protect the Financial Future of Your Child with Special Needs
Appoint a Guardian to Keep Your Kids In Safe Hands At All Times
3 Unparalleled Advantages of Family-Owned Businesses
Your Rights as the Parent of a Young Adult – What You Need to Know When a Medical Crisis Hits
Donate Appreciated Assets to Charity Instead of Selling Outright For Tax and Income Benefits Using a Charitable Remainder Trust
Gain Instant Recognition, Respect, and Reputation With a Killer Logo
Business Booster or Big Brother—the Ins and Outs of Employee Monitoring Systems
What Small Business Owners Should Know About Embezzlement
Before Agreeing to Serve as Trustee, Carefully Consider the Duties and Obligations Involved – Part 1
Before Agreeing to Serve as Trustee, Carefully Consider the Duties and Obligations Involved – Part 2
6 Benefits of Adding Cryptocurrency as a Payment Option for your Business
The Ins and Outs of Collecting Life Insurance Policy Proceeds
Do Your Homework to Ensure Your Kids Are Properly Cared For No Matter What Happens
Can Bankruptcy Save Your Business
Avoid This Major Mistake When Adding an IRA to Your Estate Plan
The Basics of Venture Capital Financing
6 Key Steps For Conscious Co-Parenting – Part 1
Fund Your Startup With Zero-Percent Interest Business Loans Using Credit Card Stacking
Choosing the Right Time to Exit Your Business
6 Key Steps for Conscious Co-Parenting – Part 2
The Tax Benefits of Limited Liability Companies
Aretha Franklin Dies Without a Will and Leaves her Family To Deal With Court and Conflict
New Tax Savings Available Using Section 179 and Bonus Depreciation
Don’t Transfer Ownership of Your House to Your Kids
The Cost of Misclassifying Employees as Independent Contractors
What Happens To Your Facebook Account When You Die?
Questions and Answers About Personal Liability Umbrella Insurance
8 Key Provisions to Include in an Employee Severance Agreement
How “Shopping Around” for An Estate Plan Could Leave Your Family With an Expensive, Unintended Mess
Who Should Khloé Kardashian Choose as Legal Guardian For Her Child—One Instance Where ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ Might Be A Good Idea
When Something is NOT Better Than Nothing—Part 2
When Something is NOT Better Than Nothing—Part 1
What You Should Know About Rewards-Based Crowdfunding
To Live a Happier Life, Start Thinking About Death Now
How to Protect Your Trademark in Foreign Countries
How California’s New Test to Classify Workers Impacts You
Does Your Business Need Commercial Liability Umbrella Insurance?
3 Deadly Sins of Retirement Planning
What Happens to Your Company’s Facebook Page When You Die?
Use Estate Planning to Enrich Your Family With More Than Just Material Wealth
The Dirty Little Secret of Business Ownership No One Wants to Talk About
Secure Your Financial Future By Focusing on Cash Flow Instead of Accumulation
How To Start Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments in 3 Easy Steps
How to Fix Errors in Your Credit Report
Don’t Forget to Include Your Digital Assets In Your Estate Plan—Part 2
Don’t Forget to Include Your Digital Assets In Your Estate Plan—Part 1
Think Your Homeowners Insurance Offers Protection From Natural Disasters? 
Think Again
Saving What Matters: 12 Must-Have Items To Pack in Your Go-Bag
Pet Trusts Offer Protection for Your Furry Family
How to Save Big Money on Your 2018 Taxes—Part 2
How to Save Big Money on Your 2018 Taxes—Part 1
Dementia and Guns: A Tragedy Waiting to Happen
8 Items to Include in Your Employee Handbook
4 Ways Estate Planning Can Improve Relationships with Loved Ones
4 Questions to Ask Before Investing in a Franchise
4 Legal Landmines to Avoid When Launching a Business

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