Planning for Parents of Minor Children

Planning for Parents of Minor Children

Estate Planning for Parents in Palm Desert, CA

Parents with young children often postpone or fail to properly estate plan. Some feel that they are just too busy, after all, they are usually running around balancing kids, relationships, and careers. Often, they are young themselves and generally healthy. They may think that estate planning is only for those who are retired or just for those “with lots of money.” Estate planning is also uncomfortable, forcing us to think about our own death, a subject that most people would rather ignore. Estate planning also deals with other “touchy” subjects including the relationships we have with extended family members, the possibility of divorce, and, if you’re in a blended family, the complications that arise with stepchildren and former spouses.

Yet parents of minor children must think about these issues if they wish to have any control over who will provide for the physical, emotional and educational needs of their children if something happens to them. If there is no will naming a guardian, the decision as to who will raise your children is left to a judge who does not know you or your family. The court will simply make a decision based on state law and what the court, not the parents, considers to be in the best interests of the children.

At the very least, every parent with minor children should have a will naming guardians for their kids. When nominating a guardian, it is important to carefully consider your lifestyle and values as well as the physical ability of your possible guardian to raise your kids. The person you nominate might divorce and remarry or move to another part of the country. What should happen then? Additionally, you should name an alternate choice in case your first choice is unable, or unwilling, to accept the responsibility of serving as a guardian. And you should discuss your nomination plans, as well as your parenting beliefs and philosophy, with the people you intend to name as guardian.

At Palm Desert Law Group, APC, we can help you choose the ideal guardian for your children and design a plan that will help ensure your children will be cared for according to your wishes, no matter what happens to you, your spouse, or both. It is not something any of us wants to think about, but as parents of minor children, we must.

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