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Trust Administration

Trust Administration Attorney in Palm Desert, CA

Losing a loved one is difficult enough without the additional stress of making important financial decisions that can dramatically impact your family for years to come. If you have been asked to oversee the administration of an estate, you should know that it is an honor, because that means your loved one thought highly of you and your character. But you should also know what is involved before agreeing to do so.

At Palm Desert Law Group, APC we can help you identify, collect, and determine assets and their values; guide you on the payment of debts, expenses, and taxes from estate and trust assets; submit necessary accountings; advise you as to distribution of jointly held assets, life insurance, and retirement benefits that pass outside a will or trust; notify all heirs and beneficiaries of the trust; and guide you to determine whether state and federal, generation-skipping transfer, and gift tax returns need to be filed.

It is important to note that if the estate and/or trust assets are improperly accounted for, you, as executor and/or trustee, can be held personally liable. We can help you avoid the types of mistakes that can leave you subject to personal financial liability.

If you have been called upon to administer an estate or serve as trustee, you are not alone. We can guide you every step of the way.

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