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With a Lifetime Asset Protection Trust, you can protect your children's inheritance.

As a parent, you may be striving to provide your children an inheritance. In reality, one of the primary reasons for your life's work may be to leave a legacy for your children.

The wealth you pass on is at great risk of being lost or squandered due to everyday life circumstances such as divorce, major debt, deadly illness, and bad luck.

In rare circumstances, a large inheritance might do more damage to your children than good.

Creating a will or a revocable living trust can help protect your youngster's inheritance, but in most situations, you'll be instructed to transfer assets through your will or trust to your kids at specific ages and stages, such as one-third at age 25, half the balance at 30, and the rest at 35.

If you've ever created an estate plan, see whether it follows through with your will or trust. If so, you may not have been informed about another option that allows your children access to their inheritance and asset protection for whatever they receive from you.

In our planning process, we always give parents the option of establishing a Lifetime Asset Protection Trust for their children's inheritance as part of our Personal Family Lawyer business. These one-of-a-kind trusts safeguard your kids' inheritance from common life occurrences such as divorce, serious illness, litigation, and bankruptcy by keeping it safe from harm.

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Things to see and do in Cathedral City

The beautiful California desert is home to 54357 people who call Cathedral City their home. Since its inception in 1981, the city of Cathedral City has achieved tremendous success. The city is known for its warm weather, beautiful scenery, and friendly people. Cathedral City is a lovely place to live, work, and raise a family. There are many things to do in the city, and the community is very supportive. The schools in Cathedral City are top-notch, and there are plenty of employment opportunities.

Cathedral City is a beautiful spot for seeking out an average rainfall and a hot desert climate. Because of its location in the rain shadow of the San Jacinto Mountains, it only gets an average of 4.8 inches of rain per year. The city experiences very little snowfall, and temperatures rarely dip below freezing. Cathedral City is also recognized as a retirement community since its residents are pleasant and warmly welcome new people into the town with open arms.

Many different housing types are available in Cathedral City, from apartments to single-family homes. The city is also home to various businesses, ranging from small mom-and-pop shops to large corporations. Regardless of your budget or lifestyle, you'll be able to find something that suits your needs in Cathedral City.

We are proud to serve clients from Indio too

The city's economy is strong and growing, with a diverse mix of businesses. The job market is good, and there are plenty of opportunities for career advancement. The cost of living in Cathedral City is relatively low, and the city offers a variety of amenities.

Estate Planner Cathedral City

Town Square Park is the perfect place to stroll or have a picnic lunch with your family. The park is beautifully landscaped and has a playground, gazebo, and fountain. If you're looking for something more adventurous, you can hike up to the top of Artesa Hill for stunning views of the city. Or, if you're feeling lucky, you can head over to the Agua Caliente Casino Resort & Spa for some gaming action.

The Annual Event Calendar is chock-full of things to do in Cathedral City. From the famous Date Festival to the Coachella Valley Shakespeare Festival, there's something for everyone to enjoy or take a scenic drive through Joshua Tree National Park.

The Mary Pickford Cinema is a must-see for movie lovers. The cinema has one screen and shows first-run movies and special screenings of classics. It is also home to many unique places like the Cathedral Canyon Country Club, a great place to golf, and The River, a lovely spot for hiking, fishing, and kayaking.

There are several gorgeous parks and nature reserves in Cathedral City. Chino Canyon Preserve, Indian Canyons, Santa Rosa, and the San Jacinto Mountains National Monument. Offer plenty of hiking and biking trails and stunning views of the desert landscape.

There are plenty of reasons to love Cathedral City, and we're sure you'll find many more once you start exploring. See what the fuss is about and make Cathedral City your new home today!

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Written Driving Directions from Cathedral City California, USA

Head south on CA-111 S/E Palm Canyon Dr toward E Palm Canyon Dr

Continue to follow CA-111 S

Pass by Panera Bread (on the right in 6.3 mi) 8.1 mi

Make a U-turn at Village Center Dr 0.1 mi

Turn right onto Village Ct 135 ft 

Turn left 59 ft

Turn left

Destination will be on the right 7 ft

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