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Pantea I. Fozouni Palm Desert Law Group Estate Planning

Pantea I. Fozouni is an estate planning attorney in Palm Desert, California. Mrs. Fozouni also provides planning for businesses in Southern California.

"This was one of the best things I have ever done in my life and you guys were amazing in the way in which you taught me and guided me as I created my estate plan. Talk about having peace of mind now. Pantea and Katrina I really can't thank you enough."

— Kristen T.

"Pantea is very professional and thorough. She make the process very smooth. We are recommending her to everyone we know."


"Pantea and the Palm Desert Law Group are so unique. I have never [had] estate planning and trust law explained to me in such a way that we could, not only understand, but participate in the process. I would highly recommend asking Palm Desert Law Group to protect your family!"

— Pete C.

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